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Angelica Pinto

Mortgage Agent

Angelica Pinto

Mortgage Agent


First Time Home Buyers

I know how important this purchase is for you and want everything to go as smoothly as possible. My goal is to make things as easy for you as can be.

Please let me help you!

Mortgage Renewals

Finding the best mortgage rates and lenders requires skill, patience and perseverance.

I always make sure to evaluate all options to help you obtain the best possible rate and terms!


Take advantage of lower interest rates, reduce your monthly payments and gain access to the equity in your home. You can also take advantage to consolidate debts and eliminate high interest credit cards and loans!


Do you really need to create a whole white paper devoted to the subject of credit scores, credit reports and how (and how not) to improve them all (as well as how not to mess them up)? Based on what we see and hear every day, absolutely. Considering these things are such an important part of your financial life - actually, make that life in general - the amount of misinformation and misunderstandings out there is amazing - and disheartening.

Simple fact. Bad credit = stress, frustration, more money needed to buy things like houses.

And because 90% of the things that you read and hear about credit scores are completely false that really needs to change. Most people think that they understand credit scores when in truth, less than 10% of these people have any idea what they’re talking about. That's not actually a scientific fact, but based on our experience it is close. So, via this white paper, we are going to turn you into part of that well-educated minority.

Ready to learn more? Please enjoy this white paper that we prepared for you to get you started!

We Know Mortgages!

Let me find the perfect mortgage solution for you!

  1. Ready to buy your first home? There are many things to consider. It will be my pleasure to take you through the steps in securing the best possible mortgage with both best rates and terms!
  2. Mortgage Refinancing - Get out of a high rate mortgage or use your home equity to pay off high interest loans and credit cards or for other important needs.
  3. Mortgage Renewals - At the time of renewal of your mortgage, you are eligible to negotiate based on the current market opportunities. Make sure to take advantage!
  4. Find out what you can afford! Let me review your personal situation to determine how much home you can currently afford and let's see what implications this will have on your monthly spending.

Whatever your mortgage needs may be, I am here to help!

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It would be my absolute pleasure to assist you!

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Angelica Pinto

Mortgage Agent

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