Easy and Effective Ways to Customize Your Waterloo Region Home’s Exterior

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While a neighbourhood might be a very nice one, offering access to all kinds of great amenities and a wonderful lifestyle, often the homes in it all look very similar to one another. This is something home owners often long to change, both when living in the home and at sale time when they really […]

5 Home Improvements That May Not Add Value to Your Home

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When it comes to commissioning home improvements, the primary purpose of the undertaking is to improve the current owner’s enjoyment of their home. Many homeowners also believe that they will be increasing at least the perceived value of their home as well. And in some instances they are correct. Kitchen and bathroom remodels usually top […]

Home Improvement: Tile, Laminate or Wood? – The Pros and Cons of Popular Kitchen Flooring Types

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There are lots of different kinds of flooring material you can choose from if you are planning to give your kitchen a bit of a makeover (or a lot). Three choices that spring right to mind for many people are tile, laminate and wood as carpet is rarely ever a great choice for a kitchen […]