Update! How Team Pinto is Handling Real Estate Transactions During the COVID19 Crisis

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You may be wondering what measures real estate agents and brokerages are taking in these currently very uncertain times. Here in Ontario such individuals and companies are still allowed to operate – as they have been classified as essential services – but most people are understandably confused and concerned. In many ways life in Ontario […]

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‘Dear Seller’ Letters – An Advantage in a Hot Real Estate Market?

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You’re probably familiar with letters to Santa. You’ve most likely heard of letters to the editor. But have you heard of a homebuyer letter? In some areas, buyers are including these communications when they submit offers to purchase a home. If the trend grows, these messages could become common documents among real estate paperwork. Here’s […]

Waterloo Region Student Housing Property Investment Guide

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Investing in Waterloo Region real estate can be a very profitable enterprise in 2020. Buying Waterloo Region student housing property generates income as tenants pay rent, while also allowing you to profit from a rising housing market. Student housing property investments are different from other rental properties in several ways you should account for before […]

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Have You Chosen the Right Real Estate Agent? 4 Signs You May Not Have

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Choosing the right real estate agent to help you sell your home is a crucial part of the process. Interviewing several before making a decision is often a good idea and doing a little ‘detective work’ into their past performance does not hurt either. Sometimes however what seemed like a good fit at the beginning […]