New Year’s Resolutions for New Waterloo Region Homeowners

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Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions, but being honest, most are wishful thinking. By February, that “lose five kilos” or “learn to speak Chinese” resolution has long been forgotten for another year. But not for you, new Waterloo Region homeowner. This year is different. Your first year of homeownership sets the tone for the entire journey. […]

winter patio

Waterloo Region Home Staging 101: Creating a Wonderful Winter Patio

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Great outdoor living space is a big attraction for Waterloo Region home buyers and comes fairly high on their ‘must have’ lists for many. If your home has a patio then that can be a real selling point in the summer, but once the winter arrives and the temperature drops it’s a harder sell, as […]

Homebuyers Tip: Researching What’s Really Important About a New Neighbourhood

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In the age of the Internet research – and information gathering – has really never been easier, or the amount of ‘stuff’ out there more comprehensive. And not just ‘academic’ research either. Let’s be honest, thanks to the Internet right now you probably know which coffee shop your coworker stops at every morning without asking […]