Why You Should Opt for Roof Repairs, Not Granite, When Renovating

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When homeowners hear the words “renovate” or “remodel”, most will have visions of granite countertops and hardwood floors dancing in their heads. Fun stuff that will improve the look and feel of their home, and, perhaps even the perceived value when it’s time to sell. But, according to experts, if you have a limited budget […]


Easy and Effective Ways to Customize Your Waterloo Region Home’s Exterior

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While a neighbourhood might be a very nice one, offering access to all kinds of great amenities and a wonderful lifestyle, often the homes in it all look very similar to one another. This is something home owners often long to change, both when living in the home and at sale time when they really […]


Should You Consider Refinancing Your Waterloo Region Home?

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Refinancing their mortgage is something most Waterloo Region homeowners consider at least once throughout the lifespan of their home loan. Doing so allows you to pay off your previous mortgage loan by applying for a new one that has better financial advantages. While there are many good reasons to refinance your Waterloo Region home, here […]


5 Signs of a Family-Friendly Waterloo Region Neighbourhood

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Moving with children adds another very important criteria to your house selection search: It must be in a family-friendly neighbourhood. It’s not enough to have a great house in a so-so location anymore, once kids are in the picture, you’re looking for the whole package. But what characteristics should you look for in a family […]


Road to Homeownership: Repairing Credit After Bankruptcy

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Declaring bankruptcy is a serious business, but it’s one that Canada – and the Province of Ontario- allows for the “poor and unfortunate debtor” to find a way out and obtain “rehabilitation” from crippling debts. If a person already owns a home prior to doing so there are often ways that they can actually keep […]