Staging and Decorating Your Home for Sale with Autumn’s Flowers and Vegetables

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I’ve written about the importance of staging your home for sale, and staging it for the season at that, several times now. And with the official start of the third season of the year upon us I thought I would address the issue again: When Autumn arrives most of us start thinking about fallen and […]

Angelica’s Area Spotlight: The 2015 Kitchener Waterloo Oktoberfest

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  In other areas of the country people might still be mourning the end of summer but that’s not case for those of us who live in the Waterloo region because the end of summer signals that one of the biggest and best of the many festivals and events staged here is just a few […]

Home Seller Tips: Getting a Fresh Smelling Home the Natural Way

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Everyone likes to keep their home smelling as fresh and pleasant as possible. Just one look at the housewares aisle at your local grocery store will tell you that. There you will find all kinds of different products designed to make you home smell fresher. Sprays, gels, oils, candles there are dozens of these chemical […]

Stunning Room Divider Ideas To Help Stage an Open Space in Style

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The humble room divider has been enhancing homes for centuries. In Ancient Chinese palaces beautiful detailed dividers separated the open plan layout into small private rooms. These days they can be used not only to divide larger spaces but also to add storage and aesthetic interest as well. Anyone selling a home is told that […]