5 Features You May Not Realise Add Value to Your Waterloo Region Home

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There are some things that most home sellers instinctively know will probably add perceived value to their Waterloo Region home in the eyes of potential buyers. A great lot position, a nice sized garden, stainless steel appliances, the fairly obvious stuff. But there are some things that are very appealing to a large number of […]

Homebuyer Tips: The Importance of a Credit Report Self Check and How to Do One the Right Way

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If you are preparing to begin the house hunting process and will be relying on mortgage funds to meet the purchase price of the Waterloo Region home you eventually find – which applies to most homebuyers – then you know that your credit report is something that prospective lenders will be taking a long, hard […]

Home Seller Tips: Adding Architectural Interest to a Modern Waterloo Region Home for Sale

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One of the problems with newer homes is that they do tend to lack some of the character that an older home has. Often the visually effective architectural touches you will find in an older home are missing, simply because they serve no real practical purpose and so for the sake of efficiency (and keeping […]

Last Minute Showing Checklist for Waterloo Region Homesellers

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As Waterloo Region homesellers, you will hear and read again and again about the importance of preparing your home for sale. This can be a lot harder to pull off successfully if you are still living in your home. It is not, however, an impossible task. While you may have spent weeks de-cluttering, painting and having those […]

Staging and Decorating Your Waterloo Region Home for Sale with Autumn’s Flowers and Vegetables

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We’ve often written about the importance of staging your home for sale, and staging it for the season at that, many times now. And with the official start of the third season of the year upon us we thought we would address the issue again: When Autumn arrives most of us start thinking about fallen […]

Decor Tips and Tricks to Steal From Interior Designers to Stage Your Waterloo Region Home

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When it comes to creating the perfect home decor scheme – or the one that is perfect for you and your family anyway – starting with a great ‘foundation’ is a must, something that a home remodeling project of any kind can provide, as all interior designers will be happy to tell you. However, once […]