Finding Interior Paint Colour Inspirations From Autumn Hues

There are a lot of things to love about the autumn. The crisp air, the chance to get outdoors for a few hours for perhaps the last few times of the year and of course, Halloween. But the real appeal of autumn for most people is that short period of time when the leaves change color and the world suddenly becomes a much brighter and more colorful place.

For home sellers the coming autumn season can also be a good time to take a closer look at their interior decor. With the summer gone most of us want a house that looks and feels warmer, and that goes for home buyers too. Thinking of using paint to help stage – or restage – your home for sale to make it more appealing ? Then why not turn to the colours of the autumn for inspiration for a new look for your interior walls?

Using Autumn Inspired Interior Paint Colours

While there are indeed some beautiful autumn inspired interior paints on the market the trick to actually making them work in your home is choosing just the right shades and then using them in the right way. No one really wants to go through the hassle and expense of repainting their walls every six months so creating a look that a potential buyer can see works in the summer as well as the autumn is a must.

There are a lot more fall colours than just red and orange though. One rather clever way to begin choosing autumn inspired hues that add the warmth you want in your home for the season while still creating a look that is ‘cool’ enough for the summer is to get outside with a camera and snap some pictures of the autumnal scenery around you.

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When you look at these images you’ll see that in addition to the reds and oranges there are often muted tones of yellow and brown, as well as pinks, purples and blues. And don’t forget that a bright blue sky is a mark that autumn is here in many places as well.

The Beauty of Contrast Wall Painting

Using a lot of darker, heavier colour will make a home feel warmer in winter but it may be a little too much for the summer months. One way you can avoid that is by creating a contrast wall.

A contrast wall is one that is painted in a bolder colour while the rest of the space is painted in a lighter, muted shade. In terms of fall colors a deep brown contrast wall can look fabulous with a lighter, slightly buttery shade of yellow or a deep red or orange compliments a lighter taupe shade (think creme brulee!)

Contrast painting does not have to be limited to just a single wall though. You can use it to highlight interesting alcoves or draw attention to great moulding. Even just using it to give a paneled interior door some extra visual appeal can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of a room and its appeal to viewing home buyers.

Helpful Tools

Going back to those autumn photographs there are actually a number of online tools available that can help you pick out the individual colors in an image and break them down into actual paint colors that can be purchased. These tools let you choose an image and then they generate colour palettes that match the image, something that can be a big help when you are trying to figure out which shades really will compliment each other.

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Quick Painting Tips

Even if you have been to the paint store and think you have found the perfect autumn inspired colours for your home test them in the room you want to paint before you begin buying gallons of paint. The light in a room can change a colour’s appearance completely and what looked great under the florescent lights at the home store may look totally different under the lighting conditions in your home!

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