Add Colour to Any Room – No Paint Required

living room color

Want to add a bit of colour to your home but really don’t feel like getting the paint brush out? Staging your home for sale and want to add a few pops of eye-catching colour but don’t want to alter those lovely, appeals to everyone neutral walls? There are lots of ways you can do just that. Here are just a few suggestions:

Dress Up Your Windows – Swapping out your curtains or blinds for something new bright and colourful can dramatically change the look of a room in just the ten minutes it takes to hang them. You can even opt to keep several different window treatments on hand for a certain room and then change them around as the mood suits you.

Throw Cushions – Throw cushions can add instant interest to boring seating. For a greater impact mix and match colours that are on opposite sides of the colour wheel. Sounds a little strange but most of the time this clash of opposites visually works very well.

Flowers – Simply going out into the garden and picking a bunch of colourful flowers is another very, very easy way to add a quick burst of extra colour to any room. You can make the look even more attractive by choosing an unusual or eye-catching vase, rather than just a plain vessel to put them in.

Slipcovers – If you want to make a bigger colour change try changing the appearance of your furniture with a few slipcovers. Slipcovers are not just for sofas though, you can cover your dining chairs, kitchen chairs anywhere there’s a seat really. Again, keeping a few different sets of slipcovers on hand is an easy way to make changes all year long.

Area Rugs – You can tie the various colour elements in a room together and add a new central focus with a new area rug. You don’t have to spend a fortune, there are nice, cheaper rugs available if you shop around a bit, you do not have to invest hundreds in a designer rug!

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