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Halloween Decor to Avoid If Your Don’t Want to Scare Buyers Away From Your Home

Halloween is fast approaching and the chances are that all around your neighbourhood zombies, skeletons, ghosts, goblins and ghouls are popping up everywhere, It‘s a fun ‘holiday’ and most people love to get into the spirit of things (pardon the pun) by decorating their homes with scary stuff. But what if you’re trying to sell your house? Just how far can you go with Halloween decorations if you don’t want to truly scare off buyers?
The good news for Halloween lovers is that most experts agree; you don‘t have to forego decorations altogether (and the same is true of the other upcoming winter holidays by the way) but you should decorate carefully and in moderation. And there are certainly some things that you should never display. Here are some decoration routes to avoid if you don’t want to spook buyers.
Blood and gore
Yes, that Walking Dead zombie tableau at the party store is really cool, but you should pass on it this year, even if you are Rick and Co’s biggest fan. Many people with young kids will be very unappreciative of decorations that depict murder, gore, and more. And speaking of kids don’t make use of any decorations that suggest dead or injured ones, because that kind of thing can be especially upsetting for some parents.
A blood-spattered front door
We’ve already said blood is a no-no, but just in case we weren’t clear, writing scary messages in gory-looking red paint—even something as chipper as “Happy Halloween”—is a bad idea, too. 
Putrid pumpkins
Real flowers, pumpkins, and other perishable decorations can make for a subtler and even rather stylish Halloween home decor display. But if you are going to make use of such things , make sure to keep them looking fresh. No one wants to see (or smell) produce that’s well past its prime, even if its supposed to be scary.
Too many decorations, period
It’s rather easy to get carried away with the Halloween decorations as you get caught up in the fun, but don’t. You’re not trying to impress potential buyers with your decorating skills; you’re trying to impress them with your house, which can get buried if you’re not careful.
So now that we’ve covered what really isn’t appropriate to decorate a home for sale for Halloween, what is? Here are some great examples of spooky decor gone right to serve as inspiration, even if you aren’t planning to sell your home right now.
Depersonalizing Your Home for Homeselling Success

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