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Last Minute Holiday Lighting Ideas for Every Home – Even One for Sale

There are just a few weeks until Christmas but many of us are still decorating! And if you are also trying to make your decor a part of your home staging process because your home is for sale it can be tough, as you’ll be trying to balance your tastes with common staging wisdom. Often the hardest part of any holiday decorating project is the outside decor and there are plenty of years when we all end up a bit disappointed because we could have done a bit more, especially when we see our own Christmas guests ooing and ahhing as they come up the drive – because they are admiring next door’s Christmas lights.

If you still want to add a little more pizzazz to the outside of your home for the holidays – as well as a little more festive curb appeal –  it is not too late. Here are a few last minute lighting tips you’ll love:

Liven Up the Entrance to your Home in an Hour

String bright white LED lights all around the door frame and then add garlands and bows. Then place a wreath right in the middle adorned with some inexpensive with small baubles and voila – a seasonal sparkler of a doorway that while welcome your guests in style and will still appeal to all kinds of potential home buyers. If you have the space extend the theme even further by adding two small Christmas trees – last minute discount stores trees are fine – lit up in the same way either side of the door.

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Alternatives to String Lights

Spending hours hanging string lights is not something many homeowners want – or even have the time – to do, one of the reasons that their exterior Christmas lighting ends up falling a bit flat. Prelit Christmas sculptures are an easy alternative. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, everything from Christmas trees to reindeer to huge overgrown snowmen and are usually easy to find and relatively inexpensive at your local home store.

Going Green with Christmas Lighting

If you really want to go green this year and avoid electric lights as much as possible (together with the bigger electricity bill that goes with them) outdoor votives are a viable, affordable alternative.

Small votive candles placed in simple glass jars – baby food or jam jars, even wine or beer bottles are great- can be used to light pathways, driveways, porches or decks and can be added as a last minute touch if you have just been to busy to get around to putting up too many lights.

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