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5 Home Staging Blunders That Could Harm Your Chances of a Sale

Even the best ideas can go awry, and that can certainly be true when it comes to staging a home for sale. With so much advice and information floating out there, it’s confusing sometimes and it can be hard to find the right balance, especially if you are still living in the home. While there are potentially more things that could be considered home staging mistakes, these are the ones Realtors – myself included – tend to see most often – that should be avoided.

It’s Just Too Personal

Yes, I know you love that display of family photos and the frames actually come together as a cool looking addition to the hallway decor. And pinning your kid’s latest artwork on the refrigerator door helps to build his confidence and self-esteem and that is still important whatever else is going on.

However the bottom line here is that a potential home buyer has to be able to see themselves living in the house. And that’s not easy to do when they’ve got a slew of someone else’s memories staring them in the face.

Pack that stuff up, carefully, store it away and then concentrate on getting your home sold so that it can all be beautifully re-displayed in your new home.

Having a Theme Room

The idea behind home staging in the first place is to showcase you home in the most positive way possible. When a potential buyer visits it you want them to leave with a great impression of your well laid out kitchen, those great hardwood floors, the wonderful deck or whatever else it is that makes your place stand out.

What you don’t want them to remember is the jungle themed master bath or the bright pink kids room – or a room like the one pictured above – because chances are that is ALL they’ll remember and it may just become a joke rather than a reason to consider your property. So however much you have enjoyed all of those great personal decor choices that made the home ‘you’ it’s time for them to go.

The Wrong Paint Colours

Colours are personal things. Think about it, they really are. Some people, for example, might see a bright yellow kitchen as fashion forward and cheerful but to others it may be horribly overdone and rather garish. Yes, all that advice about repainting your space using muted neutrals sounds like it might make your home rather boring but you can add pops of colour with artwork and accessories rather than clinging to colour schemes that may be just a little too bold or unusual for many people’s tastes.

Staging to Mislead

Every home has its faults. I really don’t think there is such a thing as a home that is 100% perfect. And sensible buyers know that too and are aware of the fact that a property will probably have few cons.

Staging is designed to showcase the home at its best but staging to deceive will almost always backfire when the ruse is discovered. What do I mean? For example, moving a wardrobe in front of a smaller window because the view is not that great. When a potential buyer finally sees it the deception may make them so mad it becomes a deal breaker.

Instead, find a way to make the most of the con. In this example, lovely drapes can help. They’ll soften the view so it’s far less noticeable but you won’t be doing anything underhand.

Staging Overkill

Yes, every home should be staged for sale to a certain extent. But some people take it a bit too far. Ornately set formal dining tables, a breakfast tray on every bed holding a cup, saucer, fake toast, and copy of the day’s newspaper artfully folded on the side. People actually do these things. And it looks so obviously theatrical it’s almost laughable.

While this might be fine for a model home – and I’m personally not even sure about that – the average home already has too much to look at without the added charades. Make sure to keep the focus on the space itself and not all the props and you’ll be fine.

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