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Housekeeping 101: Tips and Tricks for Getting Cleaner Windows

After the initial flurry of home staging work when selling your home is over it is still important that you keep an eye on the little details on a day to day basis in order to be ready to present your home in the best possible light at a moment’s notice. And one of the things that people do forget, but which can make a surprisingly bad impression on visiting home-buyers is something as seemingly small as keeping the windows clean.

DIY Window Cleaning

Cleaning your own windows does not have to be such an arduous task and it is perfectly possible for you to do a near professional job yourself is you keep the following tips in mind as you work:


A simple solution of warm water and dishwashing liquid is every bit as effective as those pricey window cleaners from the home store. Don’t cover your window in suds though, a thin sudsy film will suffice.

The Tools

Proper use of a squeegee is the real key to a good window washing. Start from the top of each window and firmly pull the squeegee through the cleaner in a reverse S-pattern. After each swipe wipe the squeegee clean with a lint free rag .

To clean multi-pane windows, buy a smaller squeeze. Do not be tempted to use rags just because of the relatively small size of the windowpane. Rags, even clean ones, cause streaking and staining and rather than actually getting your windows clean they tend to just spread the dirt and grime around even more.

Tackling Stubborn Dirt and Stains

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If it has been months since your windows were cleaned, or you encounter tough stains that do not budge with soap and water (especially likely to happen if there is a smoker in the house) it may be time to head to the store to buy something that is a little stronger.

Cleaners containing oxalic acid do a very good job of removing tough stains, just make sure that the one you choose is rated for cleaning glass. Sometimes oxalic acid cleaners are used to remove stains from hardwood floors and the formulations are often rather different.

As to when to wash is the old wives’ tale true that you should wash your windows on a cloudy day? It is a smart tip, because the sun can dry your glass cleaner faster than you can wipe it away, which only causes another problem; streaking.

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