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Home Seller’s Staging Tips: 5 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Front Entry

When selling a home most people do put considerable effort into staging the interior of the property and even to the ‘outdoor living spaces’. However, when it comes to the front entry often they ignore the potential this area has to add a huge shot of general and curb appeal in the eyes of potential buyers.

The front entry is the first impression of the home any visitor gets when visiting and, in the case of a potential buyer, something they may have already ‘scoped out’ on a pre-showing drive by. Therefore it is crucial that by the time a home goes up for sale that t his is one area that is in tip top shape and, yes, staged for sale as well.

With all of this in mind, here are some tips and tricks you can utilize to get the most out of the front entrance space that leads to the heart of your home:

Ensure the Lead Up to the Home is Safe and Attractive


In addition to making sure that the walkway leading up to your home is debris – and weed – free you should also make sure it is clearly marked and can be well lit at night. You can achieve both of the later requirements by adding solar lighting stakes like those pictured above.

Add a Pop of Front Door Colour


While you really cannot – and probably should not – paint the whole exterior of your home a brighter colour to help it stand out from the crowd on your block a pop of colour via a repainted front door can be both very effective and certainly very appropriate, especially if the home as a whole is rather neutral in hue (which most are)

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Or Add a New Front Door Altogether


On an everyday basis, when living in a home, it’s easy not to pay too much attention to your front door at all, apart from the obvious; you enter and exit through it. If your front door could do with an upgrade this is actually a great opportunity to get creative and replace it with something truly striking and even a bit unique.

Make Sure the Numbers Stand Out


As I have mentioned many times before, many home buyers will do a drive by past homes they are considering asking their Realtor to show them at a later date. In fact, I usually advise that they do. In order to identify the home they will of course be looking for the number, even if they know vaguely – from listing photos – what it looks like. Therefore as a seller you need to ensure that those numbers are easy to spot. And again, replacing existing numbers with something larger is not all you can do. There are some really gorgeous, striking options out there and they will cost you a few dollars each at most.

Stage a Welcome Area


If you have the space, you can create a sense of warmth and comfort by placing a piece or two of weather-resistant furniture near the entry. A bistro set is an easy addition for any porch size — and a perfect spot to relax outdoors with a cup of coffee, a picture that will immediately impress most visitors to the home, and sow the seeds of positive possibilities in a potential buyer’s mind before they have ever even stepped through your front door.

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