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Freebie Time! Angelica’s Printable Home Buying Checklists for House Hunting Trips

Even if you are considering buying a home for the second, third or maybe even fourth time do you really know what you should be looking for when you head off for a day of house hunting in order to make the day as productive as possible? Of course you should have your ever helpful Realtor with you as you move from house to house and their presence helps a lot, but they aren’t the ones buying a home, so there is still plenty you should be prepared to do to help ensure you get the most out of the time spent searching in order to take those big steps to your eventual goal; finding the home of your dreams.

One of the things that many house hunters fail to do is make proper notes as they inspect each home. Sure you’ll probably have the official listing sheet and no doubt you’ll take lots of pictures on your smartphone, but neither of things will help you record and recall those all important first walk through impressions of a home that are so important to the eventual decision making process. Those little cracks in the kitchen skirting board you noticed. The cool little deli down the street that made such a favorable impression. The fact that you’d be able to walk to most of the stores. Little things that actually matter quite a lot when buying a home but tend to fade rather quickly from your memory after a long day of house-hunting.

That’s why I always encourage my clients to make lots of notes and to help them do so most efficiently created some little fillable checklists that can be printed off and easily carried around. And today I decided to share them here so that anyone, no matter where and when they are house-hunting can take advantage of them. I hope you find them useful!

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To download the checklists to your computer/device in printable, PDF form, simply click on the picture.



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