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Top 3 Winter Home Showing Tips for Sellers

What time of year you choose to sell your home for sale by owner will to a certain extent determine how you go about preparing your home for showing. Is it easier to sell your home at the height of the summer rather than in the dead of winter? Not necessarily, you just have to go about things in a slightly different way. Here then are some tips for showcasing your home for sale in the best possible way when the weather outside is not so warm:

Clear Away a Wintry Mess – Not only should you make sure that the actual entrance to your home is free of snow and ice but that if potential buyers will have to park on road that that is navigable too. If the weather is just bitterly cold still take the time to spread a little grit on your walkways because you never know when that puddle will turn into potentially dangerous ice. And if its raining? Put an umbrella stand at the entrance to your home and lay down a rubber mat so that muddy water is not trodden all over your newly cleaned carpets.

Offer a Warm Welcome – Keep your home at a nice, warm temperature when you are showing it to potential buyers in the colder months. Setting your thermostat a few degrees warmer than usual (but not so much that it feels like entering a tropical forest) might be a good idea but in doing so its better to heat the house up and then set the temperature at normal. This should prevent the heat from kicking on again when the buyer is present, because, let’s face it, some HVAC systems are loud.

If you will be at home when the home is shown another nice touch is to offer a warm beverage when the buyers enter the home. You can serve it in the kitchen and the break from the home tour tends to encourage direct questions and conversation between seller and buyer that may not otherwise have happened, potentially increasing the buyer’s potential interest in the home.

Offer Glimpse at Better Weather – If there are three inches of snow on your deck or your pool is closed up and covered it can be hard for a potential buyer to envisage just how wonderful it actually is for entertaining in the summer.

If you have a picture of you and your family out on that deck or enjoying your pool at the height of the hot weather this is where you should break that “no personal pictures” rule and display it somewhere near the spot where potential buyers will stand to peer at the deck (even if they don’t venture out onto it) to give them a glimpse at just what great amenities these are when the time is right.

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