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Meet the Key Players You Need on Your Team to Sell Your Home

If you are planning to sell your home you need more than a few things; patience, knowledge, flexibility and, probably most importantly of all, a great team on your side. Enlisting the right small group of professionals can be the difference between a home sale that is quick and profitable and one that takes months – and a lot of frustration – to happen.

What should your winning home selling team look like? Here’s the ideal lineup:

The Radical Real Estate Agent

The captain of any homeselling team, the best real estate agents are worth every penny of their commission and maybe even more. These are the pros who spend almost all of their time immersed in the real estate market they serve and know all of the in and outs of the current market, knowledge that will help you get your home sold faster at a better price.

But that’s not all of course. These folks are contractually bound to act in your best interest in every aspect of selling a home – from helping you get the right price from the outset to managing those weekend open houses to overseeing those delicate negotiations between you and your home’s potential new owner and all of those ‘little’ legal issues that can often make or break a sale.

The Stylish Stager

Lots of talk about square footage and upgrades is fine, but the simple fact is that the vast majority of people ultimately buy a home based on emotion, on how a home feels and whether they can truly picture a future life for themselves in it. A professional home stager is the team player who can help homeowners ensure their home fits the bill for as many prospective buyers as possible.

The great advantage of getting this person’s input is that it’s their job to put themselves in the shoes of your pickiest potential buyer. Unlike the homeowner, they have no emotional attachment to the place and if that floral wallpaper and plaid couch have to go not only will they tell you that flat-out but they will also help you find suitable replacements that will help your home make a great impression on buyers for all of the right reasons.

The Perfect Photographer

These days almost every homebuyer begins their search by browsing property listings online before deciding which homes to see in person and the photos that accompany the listing basics are almost always what they are taking the most notice of. This is why, even if everyone thinks the pictures you took at your cousin’s wedding last year were almost as good as the wedding photographers it will rarely ever pay off if you try to cut corners and save a few dollars by taking those listing shots yourself.

You see, your home is literally entering a real estate beauty pageant when it hits the market, and so it needs to be presented as a winner from day one. A professional real estate photographer knows how to use the right lighting and how to create flattering angles to highlight your home’s best qualities, and, if necessary, downplay any small flaws.

A Handy(man) Helper

Homebuyers tend to notice everything about a home they are viewing (as they should, they are considering parting with a lot of cash for it) and even the smallest flaws can quickly cool their interest in particular property. For example, you might not have noticed that the caulking around the guest bathtub wore away a while ago, or that the back door sticks and is a real pain to open but a potential buyer certainly will. It’s of huge importance that all of the little repairs and touch ups a home needs are addressed properly and as most of them can be easily addressed by a good all around handyman this is certainly someone you want on your real estate team.

The Picky Property Inspector

Most buyer’s agents make sure that they tell their clients that ordering a home inspection on a property they plan to buy is a sensible part of due diligence in the homebuying process, so do not be surprised if your potential buyer orders one. Instead, be prepared and hire your own first, before your home goes up for sale. Rather than risk a buyer walking away because an issue with the home went unnoticed have your home properly inspected before the first showing, so that any issues, however large or small, that a professional home inspector is likely to find troubling – and therefore include in that final report – can be addressed before they ever cause a problem.

Not sure how to draft this kind of winning team? That’s OK, your captain – your real estate agent – does, which is just one more reason why they are so invaluable!





Angelica and Aron Pinto serve the real estate in Kitchener-Waterloo market as a husband and wife team known as Team Pinto at Re/Max Solid Gold. If you are looking for the best experience in real estate in the Kitchener Waterloo area and beyond, Angelica and Aron would be pleased to help! Angelica can be reached at 226.988.3696 and Aron at 519.498.8747

Team Pinto, Your Trusted Experts in the Waterloo Region!

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